Let Sunrise Provisions stock your vacation villa, hotel or charter yacht with all of your groceries and beverages

before you arrive on island.

We save you the trouble of taxi’s, rental cars and driving on the left side of the road. You won’t have to wait in

the long lines at Price Smart. And you don’t have to wake up early on Saturdays to hit the local’s farmers market.

We’ve got that covered.

Let us deliver all of your food and beverages straight to your boat or villa while you enjoy every minute of your


Would you enjoy a locally grown coffee or local beer? Want to get fresh caught lobster or organic chicken?

We know the best butcher and the best seafood vendor on island. We know importers of specialty goods & wines from

Italy, France, South America and all over the world.

We know local farmers who raise bees, organic produce, and pasture-raised organic chickens and eggs.

We can get you specially made cakes for special occasions. Fresh coconut water? That too.

Tell us your every food & beverage wish and we’ll work our magic and make it happen effortlessly for you!

All of your supplies will be delivered to your yacht or villa before or upon your arrival so you don’t waste a

minute of your vacation doing anything else but relaxing.